In Washington DC, there are an estimated fourteen thousand people that are homeless on any given day ( Majority of these homeless people are desperately fighting starvation, sickness, and death while they are trying to survive on the street. I believe that the government should provide funding for organizations to help the homeless. Whether it be for soup kitchens or walk-in clinics, the government should take some sort of responsibility for the homeless people on our streets.

There are numerous non-profit organizations that provide food for the homeless. One such organization is Food Not Bombs stationed in San Francisco, California. They dumpster dive and rescue food products that have been thrown out like fresh fruits and vegetables. They never recover any sort of meat products. Their meat is often donated or leftovers from soup kitchens.Their cooking equipment is all donated and they receive leftovers from soup kitchens in the area. If the government showed some compassion for organizations like Food Not Bombs and gave funding to help support them in their noble attempts to help our nation’s homeless, these types of organizations could reach a larger demographic in the United States. They could help numerous amounts of our nation’s homeless and could potentially prevent homelessness and starvation in our country altogether.